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Everyone knows what I need so I'm going to stop posting for awhile but could use you know what ha ha he he say the blind man

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I'm still bored but that's ok it's saves my bottom from enama and getting my but spanking that's ok

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Ok another day of being lazy basically stay in bed watching TV drink dr pepper went out side once or twice can't wait Oct get busy need sore bottom ha ha he he

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I was street racing with some people. Got pulled over for speeding.

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I recently lost someone very dear to me. My ex partner suffered from mental health issues and alcohol addiction. She died from a massive heart attack last week, two weeks short of her 43rd birthday.
For two years I tried to persuade her to get help until I reached a point where there was nothing more I could do. I had to end the relationship because it was making me ill too.
I never stopped loving her and hoped everyday she would finally get help.
Her funeral is on Friday and everyone there would have helped and supported her if she'd reached out.
If there's someone in your life going through similar things give them a call. Go see them and give them a hug, it might make all the difference. If you are suffering from these issues talk to your friends and family, you'll be surprised how many people are there for you. Help is out there.
Thanks for listening.

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1224 am can't sleep fixing to get up and bake again. I'm so stubborn maybe that's why no one in Tulsa can handle me

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I don't know why but alot of male Doms tend to be light Doms. Least the ones I have meet so far. I have seen alot of videos on here that some are very strong Doms and others aren't . I guess it depends on the type they want to be .It may sound really stupid of me but I like a strict. Strong and no caving in when I have done wrong . Go figure maybe IAM crazy but I like a Dom to know what he is doing in the past I have a a few Doms say they don't like to punish. Witch for me is a head scratcher.. I don't want to say to them well why are u a Dom then. I just bite my tounge and not say a word about it. I have had a few mentors on this site not going to lie . To me it seemed like a game to them not saying who they are.. I still respect them and listen to them.. they have helped me a lot. In a few places in my Life. I have male online friend that reads my blog daily. And he gives me hell alot because of stupid shit I do and have done he is a very nice man have known him a long while. He tells me like it is and don't hold back anything. And I thank him for that.. he has seen me go through alot and has always been there if I need to talk vent. Scream or cry. I try to stay respectful to all Doms cause that's the right thing to do.. but sometimes it can be very hard. Trust me IAM one to speak my mind .. lol sorry but. True.. I hate want to be Dom that drives me nuts ... Either u are or your not.. and be alittle bit Dom lol. Lord. Any ways have a good night y'all . Spank on...

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Two cowboys are out on the range talking about their favorite sex positions..
One says "I think I enjoy the rodeo position the best."
I don't think I have ever heard of that one:, says the other cowboy, "what is it"?"
"Well, its where you get your girlfriend down on all fours, and you mount her from behind, and you reach around and cup each one of her breasts in your hands, and then you whisper in her ear,
"Boy, these feel just like your sister's - then you try to hold on for 8 seconds!

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So as some of you may have noticed that I have been online not very often this past year, I haven't been very active in the spanking community lately, I hope that will change soon because I actually miss it a lot

Today marks one year since I had a life changing surgery called the gastric sleeve surgery, and I am doing a lot better now and I am the most healthiest I've been since I was a kid, for someone who is only 26 almost 27 years old I had a lot of health problems for my age because I struggled with weight most of my life, I am proud to say that I have lost 95 pounds this past year and changing my life around for the better, so I hope to be online more often now that things are settling down, and I have more free time, as I also mentioned that I am almost 27 years old, I have a birthday coming up and looking for a birthday spanking!!!

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I have been shooting new video content for over a year now and finally uploading regularly to spanking tube and our clips4sale store.

Here is the link to the store

If you are a model that would like to shoot for us please contact us with your information and we will get back to you.

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Hi guys,

Whenever the number of the videos watched reaches the goal, a full version video will be uploaded! Here's the the Goal list!

√ 400,000 watched Angry Neighbor
√ 550,000 watched Cruel Beauty
√ 650,000 watched Sister's Helping Hand
Next Goal: 750,000 watched ???
850,000 watched ???
950,000 watched ???
1,000,000 watched ???

Recommend to your friends to help!
Don't forget to like the videos and subscribe~ Love You!

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Sorry if I haven't spoken in a couple of days, been busy. I have to reschedule my session. Last Saturday we had to take a rain check... I have to reschedule my session.Hopefully this Saturday will come ! Oh why dose time drag

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Here I am again just laying around watching TV doing nothing cause I can ha ha have a good day you all

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So I would like to ask, I know that usualy people dont listen to music while spanking, but I am curious what music do you guys to relax to while coming from a heated session with a spankee or sub?

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I have so much anger belt up from years of bullshit and years of people walking over me. And IAM done . You want to hurt me it's not going to happen any More. IAM sticking up for myself and if any don't like it they can get over it.. the stress I deal with daily isn't going away and it's to much for me to deal with. So IAM letting it go. I want to get on with my life the way I want it... If people don't like my way they don't have to be in my Life or be my friend.. I don't care anymore .screw everything. Wow I need a stress release badly Dammm..

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Midterms are all A's!!!

I've finished my project ahead of schedule and my replacement passport came in super fast. *my daughter decided it would be a great idea to color in my other one* I was worried that I wouldn't get it in time.

I'm headed to Ibiza on the 4th (ia) and I'll finally get to see my Daddy. Plus, I'll finally get that long overdue spanking. I've amassed quite a debt in the spanking department. *nervously chuckles*

I'm so happy and hearing my Daddy's happiness adds to that.

If he wouldnt blister my backside, I'd post a pic of my bum in scrubs. But for a number of reasons I am not allowed. *sad face*

But I will keep y'all posted.

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