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So I work in a hotel at night am working as I type this. As a spanko I must admit when I do my walk arounds at night I do often keep an ear out for that unmistakable sound of spanking lol. So here's my question anyone here ever used a hotel for spanking and if so you get any funny looks when you checked out or had breakfast lol?
And ps
Yes I hear a lot of other bedroom activety but no spankings yet lol
Happy spanks

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I've been very busy lately, so I haven't had time to create much in the way of new pics, but I have a few in my archives that nobody has seen yet plus a few older favorites that haven't been posted for a while. I posted them to a tribute to school style punishments. I hope it brings back some good and bad memories. ;)

BTW, the paddle in this picture is the notorious "Cherry Popper". It's a CGI re-creation of an actual paddle that I own which is made from cherry wood. Over the years it's been used on a more than a few unruly students in a private school. Of course, the real item has lots of dings, scratches, and dents from many years of use and abuse, but you know what's good about a big stick? It never runs out of "WHACKS!!"

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I'm wondering if anyone else has ever done this or had the urge to do it:

After spending X amount of time in the corner, you are asked the 'oh so familiar' question: "What did you think about while you were standing/sitting there?"
You reply (or want to): "That I need to dust that corner better because I found a cobweb."
I've had to bite my lip several times to stop myself from blurting that out. Its just so tempting!

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Got up got dressed did stuff ate organised stuff watched tv ate some more conversed and chilled with my family listened to green day
Did not spank too tired

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Once in a while l feel the need to share small portions of my true life. I am in my tub, l have been taking baths more than usual. Since I have not been with a man going on 2 years.Although there is never a shortage of men trying to wife me. My body won't allow me to be with just any man. So this hot water Is a necessity. I'm a queen. Therefore I know my worth. I know the kingdom that l have been keeping Is The Bomb. I would never call myself being with anyone in this lifestyle. Since I dive into a certain type too quickly. Although I did fall hard for someone here who's last name l have encountered constantly for the pass 4 months (Dont know what that means). I almost broke and gave it to him. Since he knows my value. No matter how livid he is, Never would he defame this Queen's name. But I just can't do long distance relationships. Therefore l can't settle, l know my Worth. Im going to Keep on keeping it. My KING is coming to cuddle up inside of my warm kingdom. I just have to be patient.

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I'm always looking for fresh female bottoms to spank in Australia. I specialise in therapy spankings for ladies who have emotional problems that can't be solved by other means. I don't offer sex or use spanking as a gateway to sex, just offer bare bottom spankings to assuage feelings of guilt, loneliness, unrequited love and such matters.
Don't delay, get in touch today!

Father Jon

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I just got caught doing 66 in a 35. What are you gonna do about it?

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The husband is going to get it this evening and I'm considering a thorough spanking session. That said, I've considered taping it and posting.

I'm looking for scene suggestions on what you'd like to see if I were to post...How/what/where/how hard (wink)

If I like your suggestion. maybe you'll see it very soon!!

Happy Saturday


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After the dinner, enter into the drawing room.

The dinner was over so everyone moved over to the drawing room. The men became more relaxed, jackets were off and sleeves rolled up. They enjoyed fine whiskey and cigars, the slaves were either knelt by her owner or the men were playing with them. They may be allowed a drink, if her Master allowed her to have one.

One slave was on all fours, whilst two men used her as a table. She had to stay perfectly still so not to drop the very expensive whiskey. But after 10 minutes she was already fidgeting and her limbs became numb.

Another slave was on her back, over 2 Ottomans, her feet and arms were restrained, but her feet were also connected to her very sore, swollen nipples. These were clamped and pulled tight, the rope was attached to a ring, which was connected to her feet. So if she moved her feet, her nipples were pulled tighter. She was in agony. To make things worse, a Magic Wand was placed on her pussy and switched to full. She was told she could not cum.
The men were enjoying watching her trying not to squirm about. It was very entertaining as tears fell down her face, her nipples were burning and the pain so intense, but the wand placed on her pussy was killing her, as each time she tried to edge away, her nipples were pulled and stretched violently, making her scream as she tried not to cum.

Another slave was bent over the back of the big leather chairs. Her bottom and pussy were free to use. Having fisted both holes until she screamed she was awarded with a caning and paddling. The man was really enjoying himself but so was the slave. She had been allowed to scream and more importantly cum, and she did violently, squirting over him, the floor and chair. But he didn't care. This part of the evening was full of fun, so the odd mess was expected.

As for the disgraced slave, who ate her dinner alone, on a child's wooden table and chair, she entered the room and immediately went to the corner. She faced the room, but her legs spread wide, hands on her head, which was bowed low. She could only move if one of the men instructed her too.
Occasionally a man walked over and slapped her breasts, pussy or even face. Every man could punish her, this was part of the rules. If a slave was in disgrace when a date was set for a dinner party, this meant the seating plan didn't match correctly, something that was a big No No in this group. As all the men had chronic OCD.
They liked 4 people on each side for dinner, when one was in disgrace they were not allowed to join the group, meaning the table settings weren't even. So the host sat at the top table.
One of the gentlemen got up, he wanted to punish her so she was pulled on her lead, crawling to the open double doors, where the top of the range dungeon was available.
Strapping her to the St Andrews Cross, he tilted the cross so her body faced the others. Its mechanism meant it could go any position required.
This man was an expert with the whip, he could have the girl in any position and flick that whip right across her body. So he chose to have her back facing the group in the room, the men could watch if they wanted to. He flicked a long thin whip with a snake tongue tail across her back, ass and legs. Its forbidden for any slave to scream, cry out or make any sound other than Thank You Sir. After each stroke she said Thank You Sir, then at the end, once she was taken off the cross, she was to thank him for her punishment and kiss his feet. Only then was she allowed to crawl back to the corner.

The whiskey and cigars were enjoyed until the early hours, the slaves were rewarded or punished, played with or tortured until the Masters decided it was time to leave.

These dinner parties have been celebrated every two months for years, occasionally new people would be allowed to join them, but only after they had met for months, and everyone, Master and slave were happy with them joining this exclusive group.

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Anyone got any good ideas for a good self punishment spanking? I'm feeling a little horny tonight and am thinking my bottom needs tanning. Tell me, if you had me in front of you now, what would you do to me?

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I wasn't sure if I wanted to talk to people on a porn site where I do my private business. I was refusing friend requests because I didn't want to talk to anyone. I finally got up the nerve to start commenting and messages and requests started coming in. I thought it was going to be just horny people wanting to know how old I was. Turns out, there's some good people here, and I've been pleasantly surprised.

I've managed to have great conversations with people about their upbringing, their interests, how they got into spanking. I've been able to enthuse about what I like, what I think about, and my experiences in the past. It's really been fun. I've even been able to talk to other self spankers who share the same struggle of being restricted to silent spanking or finding other methods to relieve the cravings.

I'm still using my hanger, which has proved the most effective. But I've also adopted a makeshift sitting pad and a few other methods. It's crazy the kind of things people will come up with to get their fix.

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Master loves this position, me on all fours, him legs either side of waist, holding me tight, then whipping my ass, 60 or 70 strokes at least, he said he was enjoying myself so stop wriggling about. Until he broke his crop. Lol. He did manage to continue for a while. When he had enough and photos taken, he cut the broken bit off and decided it was a perfect crop for tit whipping. So he had a go with them. Sorry no photos of those today.

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Hello, I know Halloween was a little while ago but I absolutely have to show you all my costume! I'm the grudge girl! And my friend is Twisty the clown from American horror story. We were both terrifying! I love being a monster. I think it's one of my most favourite things. Monsters,pyjamas,animals and cuddles.

College is going really well, I love my new class and teachers and The subjects this year are really good! The only bad thing is we get sooooo much home work:( I also have to give a presentation in front of the whole class on Tuesday, I HATE presentations. I get really nervous and I can't stand or sit still until it's over! and the nervousness makes me really hyperactive so I usually do something naughty and then get told off. Wish me luck!

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I am totely in need of a spanking like obsessed in being spanked like a naughty little boy by a mummy or daddy type spanker. This happens once or twice a year were I just can't stop thinking about it. I see someone brushing there hair on tv with a wooden brush bang I am crossing my legs to hide my shame lol. Been working my ass off to make money so I need a realise but not keen on the idea of paying for it lol. Too many wannabe dommes on the pro circuit.
So how is everyone else doing.
Happy spanks
Keith :)

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well last night i finally got a spanking and holy crap. Think ill maybe behave a little better cough cough he he. my ass this morning is ouchy but was amazing experience. all i can say is let the bratting begin :D xx

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IAM a big girl I can do what I want when I want and how I want... Right Daddy? As I kneel before u looking at the floor. With my hands behind my back. As Daddy stands over me. Are u allowed to Dr a car right now ? No Daddy. Are u allowed to harm your self ? Looking at the floor not answering Baby girl answer me Daddy. Are u allowed to talk back no Daddy ..have u done any of that stuff .. yes Daddy. You know what u are in for yes Daddy. Stay where u are and don't move........what punshment do u think I should get comment below...

Strict Women