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Who knows what Anonymous did to earn this spanking. Outlaw isn't telling but Anonymous admits it was a very bad thing.. Did she reveal someones dark secrets on the dark web? Did she hack some foreign government? Was she in collusion with the dirty Russians? We may never know. What we do know is that anonymous has her lovely bottom bared and receives a hard spanking that makes the tears flow freely and her bottom red and sore. Both wooden paddle and a lexan paddle (with holes) are used on her unprotected backside. Whatever Anonymous did I feel certain that she won't ever do it again. This severe spanking will remind her not to be naughty every time she sits down for the next week or so. Hard hitting action on a curvy bared bottom, real tears and uncontrollably crying, blubbering, and snot running out her nose.

  248 views · 81 days ago

I like the reactions of the girls as they spank one another.

  136 views · 90 days ago

Nadia One of our most popular Models gets a spanking from Ms. Mocker in "Nadia, belted for cheating"

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